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Overview of Agnostic AA in Los Angeles

Agnostic or Humanist home groups in Alcoholics Anonymous have a long history in Los Angeles, dating back about 30 years to the 1980s.  The first such group was founded by the late Charlie Polacheck.  (For a wonderful essay about Charlie and his long role in Agnostic AA in LA, see here.)

Several groups around the city and region share members, keep in touch with each other, and provide access to a very active and helpful approach to AA.   Los Angeles "agnostic" groups have always stayed close to AA as a whole, while providing the opportunity for people to immerse themselves in AA "without having to accept anyone else's beliefs or deny their own."

Active groups in Los Angeles meet at least three nights of the week.   Below see meeting brief descriptions; further below, a city map with the four meetings; and below that, images of each meeting center.


We Agnostics / Culver City / Sunday 8 pm

This group, which dates back to the 1980s, meets at the multi group self help facility SHARE in Culver City, where the 405/Jefferson/Centinela/Sepulveda all cross and just a few blocks south of the Fox Hills Mall.  
The address is 6666 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, CA 90230.   The meeting is in a large room on the second floor.  Meetings are an hour long, with a brief lead speaker (5-10 min) and then open sharing.
Insider's tips:
Driving: For extra driving tips, here.
Parking: Always plenty of free on site parking.
Flyer:  For a printable one-page flyer, here.
Protocol:  See the full protocol for this meeting online here.
Map.  For building photos, see bottom of blog.

?? Studio City (Valley).
The New York Agnostics weblist of nationwide meetings also lists We Agnostics, Studio City, 8 pm Sunday, at Church, 12355 Moorpark.  It isn't in the current LA directory.  I haven't confirmed it's active.  I will post details if it is.


Westside We Agnostics / Santa Monica / Tuesday 700 pm

This group is one of the largest in Los Angeles, often with over 30 in attendance.  It meets at a Unitarian church in the community room.   The address is 1515 Maple Street, near the intersection of Ocean Park Blvd and 16th Street; it's also just a few blocks south of Pico.  The church includes a (small) on-site parking lot.
Insider's Tips:
Driving: Not far south from the 10.  From the 10, south on Lincoln, east on Ocean to 16th.  Or South on Bundy, west on Ocean to 16th.  Short block north on 16th St to 16th & Maple.
Orientation Tip: There is no 15th Street here!  1515 Maple = basically 16th & Maple.  Across the street (west) from a school athletic field.
Parking: On site church lot (but it may fill up; then street parking.)
Map.  For building photos, see bottom of blog.

We Agnostics Speaker Meeting / Los Feliz (North Vermont) / Tuesday 730 pm

This group fills a large community room at the church at 4607 Prospect Ave in the Los Feliz area, close to where Hollywood Blvd crosses North Vermont.  (Reach the Gandhi Room from the door at the northeast corner of the church building, via Rodney Drive toward the back.)  There are also many coffee places and restaurants northbound on Vermont Ave from this area.  The "speaker" is a ten minute lead.   
Insider's tips: 
Driving:  One block north, two blocks east from Hollywood & Vermont.
Orientation: Can't miss it; big church in residential zone.
Parking:  For extra parking tips, please click here.   Street parking can be dicey, but pay lots are $5.
Secrets: The bathroom is the tiny door in the back of the room.
Dog friendly.
People often go out for dinner nearby after the meeting.
Map.   For building photos, see bottom of blog.


Hollywood We Agnostics / Friday 830 pm

The only hour and a half meeting, this group is one of the granddaddy of Agnostic AA in Los Angeles, with free spirited meetings shifting from one building to another in the Kaiser hospital complex since the 1980s.  The meeting is currently at 1515 North Vermont, which is the intersection of Sunset/Vermont.  1515 Vermont is one of the Kaiser hospital buildings.  Enter (by car or foot) via the parking ramp, enter on the Sunset Blvd. side of the building.  Inside the parking area, walk right to the "Conference Center" entrance.  Through the Conference Center doors, the meeting will be easy to find.   There is great public transit at this intersection (including Metro subway), but on-street parking might be a block or two away.
Insider's tips: 
Driving:  NW corner of Sunset & Vermont.  Metro subway right here.  Good bus access.
Parking:  Street parking (you may have to search a block or two); but also indoor parking $5.
Secret Entrance; As above, enter via parking ramp driveway (on Sunset side), skew right looking for the Conference Center double doors.
Map.  For building photos, bottom of blog.

For More Information

For more information, see the AA Agnostica Website at  
For the local Los Angeles Central Office, with whom all these meetings are listed, call 323 936 4343 or .


Meetings typical include this introductory paragraph or a similar one:

The We Agnostics Group maintains a tradition of free expression.  We neither oppose any religion nor endorse it.    We neither endorse atheism nor oppose it.   Our only wish is to assure you that anyone may achieve recovery in AA without having to accept anyone else's beliefs or deny their own.
At the end of the meeting we will have a moment of silence, and on the count of three, repeat the AA responsibility pledge:  "When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that, I am responsible."

We hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!

Click on map to enlarge:

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Enter rear door off Rodney St (near side palm tree in pic).
For extra parking tips click here.


1515 North Vermont (Kaiser Bldg), at Vermont & Sunset, NW corner.  
Enter parking ramp (by car or foot) on south face of the building (e.g. from Sunset).
Then, walk right to the "Conference Center" double doors and through them.  
Street parking may be a block or two away; inside ramp parking is $5.
Be careful of old information sources which will have incorrect addresses.
Verified March 2016.